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Kepware offers relationships with resellers worldwide. You may want to contact your local technology vendor to see if they have a relationship with Kepware. Purchasing locally will bring you the additional benefits of local and total solution oriented support.

Important Notice
All KEPServerEX drivers are now using version 5.x of the server . If you would like to purchase a legacy (v4.x) driver, please see our Legacy Pricing Policy.



Kepware's LinkMaster OPC Bridging Software has the capabilities of both a "server" and a "client" application, allowing it to access, collect, organize, and link data from multiple OPC servers with built-in scaling, user-access manager, error tracking, and write optimization capabilities.

The LinkMaster OPC Bridging Software includes the following:

  • LinkMaster OPC Bridging Server and Client Interface
  • Free OPC Quick Client (for connectivity testing)
  • 90 Day Warranty period (includes technical support)

Please contact our Sales team for more information.

Only $995

Support and Maintenance Agreement : Kepware's Support and Maintenance Agreement delivers both Technical Support and Product Updates as an optional purchase with a product sale. The annual Support and Maintenance Agreement is tracked on a per license basis and will commence after the initial software warranty period of 90 days.

Yes, I would like the support and maintenance agreement. (Only $199)
No, I would not like the support and maintenance agreement.